Tuesday, October 30, 2007

TUESDAY - October 30

Today is the ninth day out of our home. Yesterday we were at Camp Silverado when Modjeska Canyon residents received word that they could go home. It was very bittersweet for us as we are so thrilled for them but obviously very anxious to receive that news ourselves.

Santiago Canyon Road did open up yesterday afternoon so Kip and I were able to drive all the way from Camp Silverado at Alberstons to Cooks Corner. Can't even describe to you what it looked like. So much of our beautiful canyon is just burnt and sadly many homes in that area were lost. Since we are not residents in that immediate area we were not able to drive off the main road but it was encouraging to see how hard the utility companys are working out there to get services restored - they are doing an incredible job.

Not really much to report other than what we can read on the internet and listen to on the news. However we did rest a bit better last night after getting word that a no homes in Silverado have been lost and that our home was looking pretty good. We actually just can't wait to go see for ourselves. We are hoping we might be home by the weekend.

Camp Silverado

Messages being left by local residents

OCFA Liason Escort Vehicle

Photograph of topo map (pic taken on Sunday)

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