Sunday, October 28, 2007

SUNDAY - October 28

This afternoon we went to the Emergency Aid center in Irvine and registered with FEMA. Although they were all so nice to us - this was a place I hoped I would never have to be.

You can look at this recent map and clearly see that the closest area of encroachment into the canyon is right above our home. We were told it is approximately 200 feet from our back yard area. This obviously was disappointing to us and we just wish we could obtain more definitive information.

Tonight we are going to try and refocus on getting back to school and going to work tomorrow. I'm sure we will go up to "Camp Silverado" at some time tomorrow to visit with our friends and neighbors. The information coming to Camp Silverado is not very clear and is only as good as the source but we are thankful to the merchants in the center that they are allowing us to be there.

.... say a prayer for all of us and our firefighters tonight and I'll update tomorrow.

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Butch said...

Thanks for the update DeDe, I am glad to see that those firemen are camped right by your house. They have made great progress this weekend, I hope tomorrow shows much more containment. I heard today on the news that the Santiago fire was 50% contained. I'm keeping you in my prayers.