Saturday, October 27, 2007

SATURDAY - October 27

Today is day six and not much has changed. When we arrived at Camp Silverado we were informed that the far end of the canyon was still under attack however the firefighters have been doing an amazing job and no homes have been lost. They have been able to hold it up at the ridge. Although many residents were able to be escorted up again for the 10 minute run we are still not able to go up which was very disappointing for us as well as for our neighbors. I received a call this evening from our friend Colleen Colgan. Her husband Mike is still up in the mine track area where their home is located. Mike is a retired fire chief and one of the few they are allowing to stay. He reported that our homes are fine although our topography has changed. He also reported that a lot of retardant was dropped today. We are imagining that we will have days of clean up ahead of us but thank the Lord that so far, so good.

We also went and visited a friend today who lost her entire home in Modjeska Canyon. Renae' is a single mom with two kids and actually used to work for us. She lost everything. She was never able to return home. Renae' and her kids are doing pretty well. The outpouring of love and donations they have been receiving has been incredible.

Please join us tonight by praying for the brave men and women helping to save our community. They are our heroes and we can't wait to get home and shake their hands. I just hope that tonight they are making themselves comfortable on our front porch and getting some rest.

Here is the map posted today. You can see by comparing it to the previous one that the line has encroached closer to the canyon. Our home is on the south side of Silverado Canyon Road, above the "ua" in evacuations...

Our friend Janet (in red top) was allowed in on Saturday to get a few more items

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From Noelle;
Thank you so much, Deanna, for keeping up with this so that we can know what's going on with you without having to call all the time and bug you. I cannot believe the fire is still burning and threatening your homes. The media seems to have grown tired of covering it and it is getting more and more difficult to find out what's going on. I heard about a "white Ford pickup with chrome running boards" being hunted down as the possible suspect's vehicle. Here's hoping they find him. We are worried about you and are praying for you... and praying for the brave firefighters.
the Chapins