Friday, October 26, 2007

10/26/07 - updated from Deanna

Today is Friday, October 26th and the first time I have really had an opportunity to sit down in front of the computer and bring our family and friends up to date. Here is a brief recap of what we have been going through this week:
  • SUNDAY: October 21st Although the Santa Ana winds were blowing and the temperatures were warm it was just another Sunday for us. I had to go downtown to Irvine to pick up Kayli from a modeling photo shoot and came home about 4:00 pm. We actually were on Santiago Canyon Road however did not notice any unusual activity. Just as we finished dinner Denise called us to notify us that she had just heard breaking news that a fire had broke out at the entrance to our canyon. As we watched the news through the night the fire was moving south into Irvine (away from the canyon).
  • MONDAY: October 22nd Kip left for work Monday morning however I stayed home with Kayli and her friend who had spent the night. The kids stayed home from school and watched movies and played games. Kip came home early saying that the fire seemed to be moving north again. As the day progressed we lost our internet, cable tv, and phone service. Our electricity was also intermittent throughout the day. We tried a couple of times throughout the day to get out of the canyon to take Kayli's friend home however were informed that once we left there were no guarantees that we could return. Kip was barbequing and we were just getting ready to sit down and eat dinner when we heard bull horns out front announcing the first notice to evacuate. Although it was not a mandatory evacuation we started packing the cars and made the decision to leave. I concentrated on packing up the girls pictures, scrapbooks, and the family photos on the walls. Kip packed up our computers, legal papers and our dogs. Upon leaving we saw flames and we left the canyon heading towards the city of Tustin. We were able to deliver Kayli's friend home safely and then headed down to San Clemente with our 3 dogs to Dad & Polly's never imagining it would be for more than one night.
  • TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY: We spent a lot of time on the computer checking for updates, watching tv and just trying to gather our thoughts. Kayli has been out of school. Kip and I have been trying to work however it is very difficult to concentrate.
  • FRIDAY October 26: We would have never imagined we would still be out of our home. Kip received a call from a neighbor suggesting we get up to"Camp Silverado". Camp Silverado is a make shift evacuation center set up in the Albertsons center where many canyon residents shop. The OCFA was gathering residents to begin taking 4 residents at a time up in a fire vehicle to retrieve medication, pets, clothing, and vehicles. We waited our turn in line and we shortly notified that any residents who lived beyond our community fire station would not be allowed in due to safety concerns. The fire was threatening the northern part of the canyon which is where we live. Some of our other friends however were able to go in for 10 minutes under the supervision of an escort. The escort service was soon however completey stopped as conditions had changed and the canyon was under serious threat. That was bad news and very difficult for us to hear as our home is in the area of the canyon where the fire is evidently been creeping up and over our ridge. After spending a few hours with our neighbors we are now back in San Clemente.
Please continue to pray for us. As we go to bed tonight the fire is 35% contained. We will be back at "Camp Silverado" tomorrow morning at 10:00 am for another update.

Thank you for your phone messages, your prayers, and concerns. Thank you to my sister Denise for setting up this blog. We appreciate it all so much.


NWSMS said...

thanks for the update here. we are thinking of you guys. we will keep you in our prayers. best of luck with everything. love, ryan and jordana

Anonymous said...

Dear Deanna, Kip & Kayli,
So sorry to hear what you are going through. You have been in our thoughts and prayers since Carlyn got the message from Kayli that you evacuated Monday night. What a difficult week! I hope that this morning when you check in at the Albertson's Center you get some good news! Please let us know if we can help in any way. We will continue to pray!
Love, The Bryans

Anonymous said...

Deanna and family, thanks for the blog. We have been checking with Carole & Bruce, but so good to hear from you. So sorry for all you have endured, but all of us at Inside Focus are holding only the best thoughts for you and everyone else in the canyon. Take good care of each other.

Anonymous said...

Rich and Barb have been keeping us informed from their info sources.
Our prayers and thoughts are for your safety and for your homes to make it thru.

(Rich&Barbs Aunt and Uncle)bznvanwr

Anonymous said...

Kip, Deanna & Girls - Thanks for the update. We've had you on our minds daily and thankful that you are safe. We will keep praying that your home will be saved and that you'll be able to return soon! If there is anything we can do, please call!!! We're here for you!
Love - Rodger & Dianne