Wednesday, October 31, 2007

MidWeek Update from Deanna

Dede just telephoned from Camp Silverado (the parking lot at their local supermarket) to say that she was allowed to be escorted to their home this afternoon, and was happy to see their house all in one piece. She described the experience as "like the Twilight Zone" -- the group was driven past the charred hills around Calvary Chapel Church and the Forest Ranger Station. The fire had come down and burned both sides of the road at this lower point.

Further up into Silverado, however, Dede said that the area looked surprisingly untouched... until they came to the last few miles where it was obvious that the fire crews had worked very hard to clear brush and vegetation. She was able to go inside their house and collect a few things, and found that the fire crews had sprayed the exterior with a gel fire retardant.

She also noticed that the fire had come over the top of the ridge behind their house, where the crews had managed to hold it there. Smoke was still visible in the canyon, and they may not be able to move back home until next week when the fire is more completely contained.

We are all happy to hear that they are safe and that their beautiful canyon home is still there! The canyon residents have been on an emotional roller coaster for the past 10 days, and are truly exhausted. I am sure Dede will write more and post a few of the photos taken today when she gets a minute. For now, she was talking to me on the phone inbetween yawns. She did say how very much they appreciate your comments and words of encouragement. Keep 'em coming!

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Anonymous said...

Deanna,Very glad to hear that your home is still there and that you were able to get in, at least temporarily!! Hopefully now you can sleep a little easier!! Take care and we are still praying for you guys!!
Sending thoughts, prayers and love,