Monday, November 5, 2007

MONDAY - November 5

Home Sweet Home --

We received word early Saturday evening that we could come home, after 12 days!! We packed up our belongings from Hotel May, gave hugs & kisses to our loving & gracious hosts, and set off. Upon entering Silverado Canyon Road we were greeted by members of the OC Sheriff office and OC Fire Authority - they were checking id and passing out information about utilities, etc. Driving up to our home we passed many welcome home signs and signs of gratitude and appreciation to the firefighters. Many fire trucks were positioned in various areas of the canyon as the fire is not quite contained. We spent Saturday evening just hugging our house. It really was too dark to do much of an assessment.

Sunday morning we woke up very early and it became very evident just how hard the firefighters worked to protect our home. Our home had been sprayed with foam and gel. The gel is a very thick slippery substance. Kip spent many hours yesterday trying to hose off the hose and the back patio area to get it safe enough for us to bring the dogs home. He soon determined that this was a job that would require professional help as it is everywhere. I worked inside disposing of all our food and cleaning out the refrigerator, putting back the window coverings, doing laundry, etc. Kip did a pretty thorough inspection and there are a few items of concern that we will need the assistance of our insurance company that include the copper gutters and light fixtures, window cleaning, assessment of if the retardant damaged the painting of our home, carpet cleaning, some landscaping damage, and a handful of other items. But... we are so very thankful that our home is here and will soon be cleaned and back to normal.

Here are just a few pics of our home today:

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Marion said...


Thank God you are all home safe, and everything's intact for you! What a tramatic experience it all must have been for you. You're in my thoughts and prayers.